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Break the Habit of Negative Thought Addiction

Making a Difference

Sam lived a life filled with pain and suffering.  At the age of six he was crushed by a van and had a near-death experience.  In his twenties, he had suicidal tendencies, obsessive compulsive thinking and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  At the age of 37 he lost the ability to walk and he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  He was mentally and physically disabled, and he felt hopeless and often wondering what else was going to go wrong.

Lori experienced early childhood trauma, abuse, and she was a victim of incest.  Due to poor self-esteem she dropped out of high school. Her suffering continued into adulthood when she married an abusive man who abandoned her and their young child.  At her lowest point she was depressed and contemplated suicide.

Sam had a miraculous healing when he discovered inner peace by clearing his head trash.   To the amazement of his doctors he has no signs of disability or diseases.  Sam’s healing proves that if we are alive there is always hope. 


Through a series of steps and stages of self-discovery, Lori healed her life.  Lori completed her high school equivalently exams, then earned two college degrees and is currently a college professor. "

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