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“To be of service”
Spiritual Transmissions, Guided Meditations, Consultations, and Readings.

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"Sam Shelley is the real deal. He's a powerful healer and one of the most kind, loving human beings I've ever met. Last year, he visited me in the hospital, after I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and fractured vertebrae. I was in a lot of pain, very scared and felt like giving up. Sam didn't let me give up. He helped me release the fear and head trash that was causing me so much mental, emotional, psychological pain and holding me back. During my healing session with him, I felt immense waves of healing and unconditional love. When I opened up my eyes, I saw golden, healing light filling up the room. I felt totally at peace and free from fear and suffering. Shortly after, I started to physically heal at a rapid pace, that amazed my doctors, family and friends. I went from being in immense pain, in a wheelchair, unable to walk, to being pain free and able to walk, within a few months after my session with Sam. One year later, the cancer hasn't spread and I can feel my body healing and getting stronger every day. Thanks to what Sam taught me, cancer isn't a scary thing for me. I often forget it's even there, because I'm too busy enjoying life. This is the happiest and healthiest I've felt since childhood. All is well"
Lisa M

Lisa M

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