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The Miracle

Sam’s Journey

I woke up to a blinding white light surrounded by 6 beings (angels), who were removing things attached to my body. I had no idea what was going on. When my mom arrived at the hospital, she asked me, “Why did you remove your tubes, your life support?”  I had no answer for her. I learned after I healed myself what these celestial beings were trying to teach me.

The day before the van accident was the last day of 1st Grade and I just returned home, and I heard the familiar sound of the ice cream truck. Begged mom for money, then ran out of the house and got my ice cream. As I was crossing the street to return home, a van was speeding down the road and crushed me. I later learned that I suffered severe head trauma, a compound fracture of the leg elbow, and a broken left hip. Spending a year in the hospital followed by 6 months of rehab. I returned to school for the 4th grade (homeschooled for 2nd and 3rd grade). The next time I saw my neighborhood best friend, he summed it up best. You made a mess of the street, they had to clean it. I nearly bled out after the accident.

The head trauma left me with mental issues, and my school years were a nightmare as an undiagnosed Bipolar. There was no mental health coming.

In my early twenties, I was diagnosed as Bipolar after nearly taking my life twice. I was filled with lots of self-hate, criticism, and always wondering what else was going to go wrong.  I was stressed out and overwhelmed as my health continued to decline. After Bipolar, came severe migraines that would send me to the hospital, psoriasis that cover a third of my body, then psoriasis got into my joints psoriatic arthritis, and later losing the ability to walk in my late 30’s from Multiple Sclerosis.

Lori’s journey is different as she was subject to a lot of mental and physical abuse as a child/young adult.  She offers a different perspective on mending the body/mind.

A miracle

I always believed that this was my life. Five incurable health conditions, a team of 6 doctors, 13 daily medications, a daily injection, use of a cooling vest, and occasional need for a cane.  I was tired of being sick and sick of being sick and tired.

One day I read about meditation, and one of the benefits of meditation was inner peace. I knew that is what I needed; I had no concept of healing myself. I was fortunate that these few pages did not provide the rules of meditation, or my OCD would have been so focused on doing it right, I would never have gotten out of the mind. I never had a spiritual teacher; I had a simple 5 minute a day practice.

Two weeks after I began my practice, I discover that I have thoughts, but I’m not my thoughts. If I’m not my thoughts, then who am I?  About 3 months later I got my answer.  After my evening practice, I heard a voice (or strong thought) say “Perfect Spirit.” Then I had a deep knowing that All is Well, and all sense of fear about my health was gone. 

Sixteen months after hearing that voice I had no more health conditions, no medicine, no cane, and no doctors.  During my last neurological visit, my doctor spent 45 minutes trying to quantify what I did. My scans were clean, and my blood was better than his. I followed the inner voice of Perfect Spirit (intuition) to heal the body/mind.

Our Journey Together

We are born prosperous, it's the head trash that blocks prosperity.   

I will help you remove your head trash and restore your connection to Perfect Spirit. In other words, remove the negative inner noise that is blocking your intuition. Our intuition is our lighthouse always illuminating our path forward, while the mind filled with garbage is trying to slam you into the rocks.

I’ve been helping people awaken to Perfect Spirit for over 7 years. When I work with clients who are “heavy” filled with stress, anxiety, worry after a session they are at peace with themselves and the situation.  Each session goes a little deeper, as the head trash needs to be constantly thrown out at first then over time there is less head trash.  During a session, I drop into a trance state and merge with your stream of consciousness. 

I decided instead of discovery, clarity calls to offer the first month as a trial. To see if this process works for you. Each level above Bronze is a personal choice, I recommend the more stressed you are the higher the level membership.

When you first join, I will connect to you within 72 hours and produce a video report to you on my initial impressions as a merge with your stream of consciousness. This will provide insights that will be helpful on your personal journey.

It's time to unleash your prosperity! 

Intuitive Insights

Unleashing Prosperity

We have created an exclusive community using Facebook.  

All active memberships include:​

  • On your birthday, a Special Year-Ahead Birthday Monthly Energy Forecast

  • 2 Exclusive Intuitive Group Coaching Sessions

  • 1 Exclusive Prosperity Group Session

  • 1-2 Member-only special events – Abundance workshops, Quantum Shifting - working with zero-point energy, etc. (December 22nd, Special Event.  Mediumship galleries – messages from loved ones for the holidays. (Zoom))

  • Silver and Above,  include private intuitive coaching sessions, private prosperity sessions.