Sat, May 15 | Online Event

The Circle - Releasing Past Trauma

If you’ve been affected by trauma (PTSD), tonight I will help you process and clear (heal) those memories. Plus, learn how to take back your power from old, haunting memories.
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The Circle - Releasing Past Trauma

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May 15, 11:00 AM
Online Event

About the event

I decided that each circle will be about releasing the past,  as health challenges are usually related to a past event or past thoughts about that experience.  The mind keeps the past alive!  Release the past and embrace this moment.  On occasion, I will create a manifestation circle.  

If you’ve been affected by trauma (PTSD) or currently suffering, tonight, I will help you process and clear those memories. Plus, learn how to take back your power from old, haunting memories.

We each have strong emotions surrounding certain memories, whether they are something we've seen or experienced ourselves. Sometimes they come up unexpectedly after seeing a photo/video, hearing a certain song, or seeing a similar situation in real life.

I hope you join us for The Circle (presentation/guided process) – it will start at 11 am on Zoom.  Our Circle on May 15th will be about bringing peace back into your mind and heart through learning how to deal with these emotions.

I will start the Zoom at 10:50 am,  and by 11:05 am, the event will begin. No one is admitted to The Circle after it starts as it breaks the energy.  The meditation is recorded and given to you. Even in the recording, my spiritual team will arrive to assist you along with your spiritual team.  

Come experience The Circle. Test it out and see if you feel calmer when distanced from the event.   Each circle is channeled,  thus different each time.  I ask attendees what they need,  and the last circle was a lot of relationship issues.  The last circle was extremely powerful as departed Grandmothers came through whoi provided love and guidance to their loved ones.  

I’m offering this Circle at $10.  Plus, this circle has a bonus,  bring a friend for free.  When you purchase a ticket, you will be given a coupon for your friend to join for free.  A unique coupon code will be sent to you within 24-36 hours.  To receive this bonus, you must register at least 48 hours before the event. 

I'm Sam Shelley, the "Miracle Man." I help the burnt-out, bottomed-out soul find relief from physical and mental suffering through ditching limiting beliefs and modern medicine myths, so they can awaken to their inner wisdom, alternative ways of healing, self-empowerment, and live a pain-free, healthy, and joyful life.

I had multiple sclerosis, bipolar disorder, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and migraines. My immune system was attacking my brain and spinal cord. I was told I might never walk again. I had a poor immune system and no strength. Some days I couldn't speak to people without sounding like I was drunk and slurring my speech. Plus, living with a mental illness for most of my life wasn’t easy. It makes you feel like the walls are closing in and you have nowhere to go. Then there were all my other health issues. I lived in pain and suffering for nearly 40 years. Today, I am free from medicine, doctors, and my cane!

I founded Head Trash Anonymous. 👇👇👇


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